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Beware of Deceptive Job Ads

Beware of Deceptive Job Ads for “Financial Professional & Educator”…like the one below.

It seems that people will prey on others even in times like these. (Please see ‘Jim’s Comments’ as you read the deceptive ad.)

The ad reads:

“Financial Professional & Educator, Community Financial Education

Job Details: Salary $75,000 - $120,000 a year

Job Type: Full-time Part-time Number of hires for this role: 5

Full Job Description: We are looking for individuals with the call for education, entrepreneurship, and social change. The position being offered is of a Financial Professional & Educator as follow:

Experience: No experience is needed or required but the right candidate must be willing to plugin, follow a proven system and must be opened to coaching and mentorship. (Jim’s Comments: “This is code for “Following our successful selling systems and you will make a lot of money.”)

High school diploma and any other formal education from national or international accredited institutions, preferred but not required. (Jim’s Comments: So, you are going to take someone with no formal education…particularly in finance or economics to teach financial literacy)

Profile: Self-starters… (Jim’s Comments: Commission ads always start with “Self-Starters”)

License: Candidates do not have to be licensed prior to joining our organization, but must be willing, ready, and able obtain minimal licensing within 90 days of joining. (Jim’s Comments: Define ‘minimal licensing. Do I need a license to teach Financial Literacy, or do I need license to SELL products?)

Compensation: Commission only—No salary/Hourly compensation. (Jim’s Comments: Wait a minute…you said “Salary: earlier”)

The National Campaign for Financial Literacy mission to financially educate 30 million families by 2030! With a network of over 300 financial education centers and growing throughout the United States and Canada. Such a network allows us to serve family and friends in any location.” (Jim’s Comments: Millennials and GenXers need to be aware of such ads that promise high salaries without proper education to become Financial and Finance professionals. They are using you as a “LEAD MULE” to our family and friends. You end up frustrated with an insurance license and a host of upset family and friends.)

Keep in mind that Financial Literacy does not require you to buy or sell products. Financial Literacy and Financial Education counselors provide non-bias, commercial and product-free insurance, and investment information that will result in favorable financial outcomes when they do make a purchase decision. Financial Literacy and Financial Education counselors educate and empower Americans and their families to make informed financial decisions.

Avoid Deceptive Job Ads for like the one above. The only ones that benefit are the operators of the scheme.

By the way, I did report this to “ and Report Fraud at FTC:

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