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Black Reparations. Lesson Learned from Amazon

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Black Reparations are due. We all know that. Now the next questions.

As I mentioned in some detail in my book, Pathways to Generational Wealth, we need our nation’s experts at the table to figure out (1) How Much and (2) How the restorative reparations will be paid.

The next salient question is simply this…How does America finance this national initiative?

I suggest we learn a lesson from Amazon. Amazon Prime launched in 2005 as an Amazon membership service offering free two-day shipping. Currently Amazon Prime has over 200 million members of which 147 million are here in America.*

This means that Amazon collects over $25 billion from subscription fees before it makes a single dollar from profits from sales of products and services. alone. This would have financed 36% of the Department of Defense’s Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO)** funding of $69 billion for the cost of fighting wars .

So, what is the lesson learned? While some politicians would have you believe this restorative funding would burden the American taxpayers with additional tax liability at a time of horrendously increasing federal debt due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This is simply not true. If Amazon Prime can figure out to raise 25 billion dollars a year with a promise to these same taxpayers that they will get their packages a day earlier than their neighbors for $12.99 a month…our Senate, House Finance Committees, and Senate Appropriations Committee can figure this out how we can fund black reparations without the American taxpayers feeling the burden of funding this national initiative. Just a thought…just a thought.

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**Special Note: The DoD base budget does not include the cost of wars. This item falls under Overseas Contingency Operations. Analysis of the FY 2021 Defense Budget, Todd Harrison, and Seamus P. Daniels, CSIS DEFENSE BUDGET ANALYSIS PROGRAM, Center for Strategic & International Studies,

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