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Guide 3: The New Architects of Wealth - New Generation of Financial Advisors

What the Book is About:

This guide is intended to help African American parents have effective conversations with high schoolers and college-bound kids concerning their financial future. This book is also about the new ‘Architects of Wealth’ i.e., the new Financial Advisors

Brief Summary and Financial Literacy Objectives

In this guide of the ‘Pathways to Generational Wealth Series, we will assist you in:

  1. Understanding why we must identify innovative approaches to increasing financial capability and maintaining generational wealth.

  2. Understanding why one of those innovative approaches is to grow a distinct generation of multicultural Financial and Wealth Advisors.  

  3. Understanding that to truly grow and maintain generational wealth, we must grow and nurture the next generation of multicultural Financial and Wealth Advisors.

  4. Understanding why our new Financial Advisors should be at the heart of any discussions about ‘Restorative Reparations’ for African Americans.

  5. Understanding why one of those innovative approaches is to create a National Generational Wealth Center (NGWC) and NGWC Counselors to serve African Americans nationwide.

  6. Understanding the importance of growing multicultural Financial Advisors that will help us to build, manage and maintain wealth with minimum income tax consequences.

  7. Understanding the importance of having multicultural Financial Advisors that can become our advocates for minimizing income and estate taxes and facilitate the flow of generational assets to our children and grandchildren.

  8. Understanding how to become a Financial Advisor, where you will work, and how you will get paid.

  9. Understanding that these new multicultural Financial Advisors will be our architects of household wealth and economic power. The new credible sources of financial literacy for African Americans.

  10. Understanding why product salesmen and saleswomen disguised as financial professionals can hinder our ability to build and main wealth…regardless of color or nationality.

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