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Guide 4: Building Generational Wealth

What The Book is About:

This guide will offer product free and commercial free strategies on Building Generational Wealth

Brief Summary and Financial Literacy Objectives

We must begin…again. We must restart the engines of wealth building now. We must consistently work on meaningful financial outcomes without being required to buy life insurance, annuities or unsuitable investments and other commission-driven products.

Inform – Educate – Empower:

We help you:

  1. Understand SMART investments GOALS

  2. Understand how your money personality impact your ability to build generational wealth.

  3. Understand how compound interest helps you build wealth faster.

  4. Understand types of Investments and how to use them to build wealth

  5. Understand how capital appreciation strategies enhances your ability to build generational wealth

  6. Understand the difference methods that help you understand how well your investments are doing

We need product-free and conflict-free Financial Literacy solutions when ‘Restorative Reparations’ occur. ...Coming Soon

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