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Guide 5: Efficient Ways to Transfer Wealth to the Next Generation

What The Book is About: Conversations on the 3 places your assets can end up after your death.

  1. State and Fed Taxes

  2. Charity

  3. Specific family members or loved ones as an inheritance

Brief Summary and Financial Literacy Objectives

Estate planning (for those who are subject to high estate taxes) will drive more wealth to your family and less to the IRS.

Financial Literacy is the key engine that drives positive Financial Behaviors which result in Favorable Financial Outcomes. We help you:

  1. Understand how to distribute wealth with minimum income tax consequences.

  2. Understand how to minimize income and estate taxes.

  3. Understand how to facilitate the flow of generational assets to our children and grandchildren.

There is an approximate 24 trillion dollar transfer of wealth ‘in process’ in the U.S. alone. These trillions are being transferred to millennials and Gen Z from baby boomers and older generations. This process will continue for at least another 10 years.

Are Black Americans a part of this transfer? Will ‘Restorative Reparations” pull us into this jet stream of wealth? How will we manage these generational assets?

Coming Soon

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