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Thompson v. Metropolitan Life

Thompson v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

Summary of Discussion – Conversation

Non-Caucasian policyholders sued life insurer, alleging racial discrimination information, performance, modification, and termination of insurance contracts, in violation of § 1981, and racial discrimination in rights to property, in violation of § 1982. The District Court preliminarily certified class for settlement purposes. On parties' motion to approve proposed settlement, the District Court, Baer, J., held that: (1) class satisfied requirements for certification; (2) proposed settlement providing benefits worth between $52 and $90 million was fair, adequate, and reasonable; (3) notice of proposed settlement was adequate; (4) award of attorney fees of $24,245,000 was reasonable; and (5) award of $5,000 to each named class representative was reasonable. (Court Document courtesy of CASETEXT)


Thompson v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co
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